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About Color


Moving from Montana to southern New Mexico, close to the Mexico/US border in 1985 introduced me to a new and wonderful use of color. This different sense of color contrasted with the subdued, earthy and more reserved colors of Montana. Not only was color more neutral in Montana but the temperature in Montana was much cooler which, in my art alined with color that lacked brightness or heat. I found color on the border intense, alive, invigorating and hot and it has been slowly seeping in to my work the longer I live close to the border. This different approach to color became symbolic in my work of the cultural influence from Mexico that flows across the southern border.


In the pieces from the Color series I contrast the brilliant palette of Mexico; very sweet pink, mango yellow-orange, water turquoise, acidic chartreuse, habanero red with earthy brown and the cream color of dry wheat. 

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