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Art In Public Places

About Art In Public Places


I have completed three public art projects. Images of one of those, my two 8’x5’ porcelain murals at the Staten Island Zoo as well as the models for those murals are pictured on my website. The patterns and textures in the murals: “African Savanna” and “Rainforest” were drawn from the animals housed in each of these wings of the zoo. In 1988 this project received the New York City Art Commission Design Award. 

Also pictured in this section are models that are part of a proposal for five large murals for the Los Alamos, New Mexico Aquatic Center addition for a children’s pool area. The mural designs are drawn from the soothing, uplifting and calming nature of immersion in water. In the models the central rectangle depicts an inviting pool while the surrounding frame represents water in other forms; snow, ice, rain and dark clouds. I have used repeating pattern and flowing line to give a sense of the quieting effect water can have as well as depicting the regulated breathing.

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